Monday, November 07, 2005

The Risk Debate: What are they saying ?

PM Tony Blair speech 26th May 2005

“……something is seriously awry when teachers feel unable to take children on
school trips, for fear of being sued ……”

Ruth Kelly, Secretary of State for Education said:

“The majority of schools already offer a range of outdoor learning including
school trips that enrich the curriculum, build confidence and increase
skills.“However, we know that some schools and staff would like re-assurance
about their responsibility for pupil safety. ( and, ipso facto, expedition
leaders )
“We want to make sure that all school staff have the confidence to
continue offering these experiences and that everyone involved in a school trip,
including parents, are aware of their rights and responsibilities.”

With the new guidance in place the Government would like to see school visits become an important part of a young person’s education. This will be a key aspect of the new Manifesto for Education Outside the Classroom to be launched in the new school year.

Bringing together a range of stakeholders, the Manifesto will:

  • set out a joint commitment that all children should have the opportunity of a wide range of high quality outdoor learning, including at least one residential experience
  • encourage schools to partner with other schools and outdoor learning providers
  • encourage parents to take an active interest outdoor learning
  • set out a range of advice and support; provide information and good practice guidance on health and safety issues
  • and set out priorities for the development of outdoor learning.

Around thirty partners from across the outdoor learning sector have already been involved in early Manifesto discussions. They will work together to establish a broad range of priorities for helping schools to improve the range and quality of education outside of the classroom.
The DES working in partnership with the YET will contribute to the development of the above aims.


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